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The benefits of Lavandula stoechas

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Cancer, sinusitis, heart disease and many health problems that might be useful in controlling a bitki.Sağlığınızı dispose alın.Tehlikeye health comes first.Will relieve pain,* Gives strength to the heart.* Especially for those who smoke, are characteristic of expectorant. * Drowsiness resolve this plant is a source of vitality.* Sara and is also used in the treatment of brain diseases.* Agrikesicidir. Uykusuzluga nervous headache, and a good income.* Antiseptic and wound iyilestiricidir.* Sara and astimda has a soothing effect.*, Use of expectorant.* Urine as anti iltihaplari are good ways.* Eczema yaralarina is good.* Is nervous and heart strengthener.* Lung and Blood in the progression of cancer and brain tumors have a retarding effect. This effect içerigindeki protective against cancer cells and tumor partitions engelleyenperil no alkolile ediciözelliklere geraniolmaddesinden have come forward.Internal and external can be used in two ways.

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