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10/04/1987 Hi Year
sin in the o * d * u also was born first at the age of i * m * r ‘e came ailemle.Ailem agriculture and ilgileniyıordu and gecimimiz gloat saglanıyordu.yıllar goes applicable primary education and secondary school years how fast gelmıstı de geciyordu, the first school in the years to school with my mother, I will go class The front doors were expected kadıncagıza a shame, then one month after the subject did not come first school alısmıstım 1 My girlfriend has it gained the name of the class leaves a beautiful girl did not know what is love What is love but what can see him doing stuff on TV 1 We were always together in the classroom course or courses listed under tenefuslerde hand tutusurduk) Cucumis That leaves, oh ahh hh came to my mind now …. anyway you look at miss

Bıtırdım two ends of the first class at school we were still third in the class was over, how did we biliyomusunuz birlikteligimiz, leaf, one city to another family, the father yerlesiyordu Tain cıkmıs stuff there anyway .. came to the school with his mother driving edecerkleri lesson came leaves sonkez and each other, I saw this in the classroom aglamya started the mother ogretmenimiz editorial friends or something we watched came to me we hugged each other, yes, love was not, but ask to be calıyorduk I think.) she went to school and the years went on: S never-ending primary school 5 years class I’m reading yes teachers liked me forward gorusluydum ozamanlar and a mature mold enter I myself, the more that you like to talk and make sense of things I wanted to do them aware classroom teacher my hand, invited, and some things I asked the question, one of was water in this way will approach from someone who saw or This way you are treating your family die soyla asked you to? :) My verdigim answer is, very hosuna did not go ‘that you act like you ailenniz wants yourself dusunemıyormusunuz’ die When asked a teacher first before the broken face fell, but two minutes later, laughing, getting my hair oksadı.) And the class teacher is now in class with me was interested in questions was on top of me düsüyordu. We’ll be meeting with parents and our soylendi soylendi cagırmamız. Ailelerimz income and cash leaves would go to all that the way it was in our family alısmıtı it to the school caretakers will be asking for money is the school of water will be asking for money is the school that will be asking for money is di boyledi so ever.) The day that I has changed, my father geldiginde parent meeting class ogrtemenim dad exactly konusmus and ‘ I asked him what happened and I know the answer to ‘die in my father demişki sormus has been the answer was definitely a more interesting answer:) Ögremenim yes, definitely an interesting individual to talk with you I wanted it so’ he said. Adnan is a problem at home and said I wanted to ask my father if olmadgını no not a problem as we have friends come to his house. cantasını room leaves come to my side selamlasırız and TV media passes adnan control to pick up and TRT-1 channel open, and the news with that:) The first bass I have a strange bulmustum sonucda his years in the kids animated film or something to follow, but Adnan was different. any
a neat and orderly cocuktu had no health problems. When my 30 year-old man Konustugu sozleri sozleri had seemed a logical and proper sentences and alıstım time. ” said. adnan interesting teacher, but yes, absolutely, and I think a mature child would be a very good one, said. …… Let’s speed up the time ……. We pass the first school year in middle school and I finished reading it I was 6 Middle academic class) tie shirt and jacket, pants and shoes under her.) so that the clothes would go to enjoy your every day at school to print my okadar ozen gosterirdim soubriquet that was placed on the artist die:) I’ve Favorites 6 I was in class last year but had to get myself a small arkdaslar or with their peers did dolasmadım lovers (the first-class status in the school, except one) yes 6 sıfım really well as they had okadar interest gosteriyordum that ustume printing from home to school while cantamda foot containers of paint would be on the road dust, and schools without any painting I) toothpaste and brush pens in the tasırdım do not know, but I suanda such as I myself cekemezdim:) Anyway, I like this while I did not see the girls in my grade school years, while 8 6.sınıfta I was in love with the girl in the class with them, and other konusyordum cekemiyordu them. We played school volleyball bigun example bahcesinde now for some sweating and I left the game on the saddle and the sweat on my shirt If I were dirty and smelled like sweat istemedigim so I left the game. Ccesme the press pass I was washing my face and name to the press the 8th grade a girl came cesmenin was shy of telling a very nice fragrance die kokuyo asked what the name:) Is not a normal arkdaslar this question. ‘No Not for di benm ozamanlar was her response to my water’ ignorant do not you know that smell you first hear from me, ‘I said I washed my hand and she froze, I left side. I went to class after I had English lessons
Sevtap ögretmenimdi very good English teacher was a beautiful woman that mustesem hatılıyorum okadar was a man then move into one of the speeches were mükemmle gestures and facial expressions. I love him like me ogluymusum gosteriyordu gosteriyordum compassion and respect, such as defects in the course according to the editorial than etmıyordum was good because my english class and knowing that studying ısteyerek ogretmenim’di reason. God bless him ringing in the ear.) Fortunately only at the end of sixth grade summer vacation came a week or something before the subjects were not in school anymore except ogretmenimizden religious knowledge. Dakıkaya last until end of the course would tell. And made us acıklamasınıda ’saddle my kids with gorevim suan you received your water course anlatmassam I said about you. Some of the things we need to learn it and because we ogretmedigimden yapabilrisiniz wrong, I’ll meet you given me the responsibility given to you in fulfilling your responsibility ‘demisti. Feridun my teacher was right. God bless him too. Schools to shut down two days kaldıgında science teacher had her class sit in we spoke idly chatting happened. Off to be one day before the last English class we had a summer what to do if necessary you know die asked the teacher everyone eeevvvvveeeeeeetttt die bagırdı ozamanlar eeevvvvveeeeeeetttt die bagırmak ways it gained) lifted one of what yapcasın you die asked child replied ‘top oynıcam gezicem sea gidicem such as’ yes the children said, you avoid common Do not type the navigation action yourselves around you always said, but the student That list remember and know that summer also biticek back to school doneceksiniz some sixth grade as to continue some of seventh grade Read books, repeat courses oyuzden gecicek isledigimiz said that you keep the basic empty. He was right of course boslamamak is required. Our teachers were given classroom are on pass karneneleri went to get my report card I went to school all everyone came to our class. one teacher did not pass anyway, and I sat in my place. 1 -2 minutes later ogretmenimiz arrived everyone Foot stood sit the children even if he had sat with trained dogs such as this system did not understand at school anyway english ogretmenimiz class ogretmenımızın succeeded and karnenelerimizi it getirmisti.karneleri dagıtmaya begun, named said you gets up goes over to the teacher, and the report gets back donerdi. One person stood report took turned back two, 3.4 …… 27 Offf I am fed artık.beklemeyı did not love in the end while I adnan said, and next she invited well done son said concurrent I optu got their hands and yanıgından optum cotton seemed cheeks and hands, all my notes 5 ti:) What type yapcagımı asked to help my family told me I would be interested derslerlerimle. I give you a homework and she told me to keep me all day during the summer I said. tatılıne summer school ended, we entered. As I was helping my family with my course ilgileniryordum dedigimi teacher gave to me and I was doing homework. günlügümü what I do everyday, summer is over I wrote to the finest detail 7 ogretmenime odevimi brought as a class in school now for my chassis was given was right from the 200-page book bıtırmıstım ıkıtane.)
What did you write die asked daily regular events, she said all she said first kind oral note, more classes begin, I got:) 7.sınıf was fun Mihriban die Bulgarian gozmeni she had to grade the new gelmıstı our school and the teacher him of me by my side oturtmustu my one sitting severdım knew this teacher take time off ( Lift the fingers), I received permission to talk ‘to my teacher during my leisure in sura gecebilirmiyim’ I asked him die ‘no’ answer to get at me when I’d chassis would break. ‘Why’ I asked him die ‘Cause you got a smart ogrenebilcekleri ogrencimsin and you to be her friend to help him cekmemesind difficult for you to be here I’ve sat beside said’ Well you know my teacher, ‘I said. it started in school. Days start with one of the courses bitio were chasing each other for months. Mehriban la good friends we are anywhere but were going in each other’s closest arkdası we have our secrets bırbırımıze told we were only kantıne together dısardı but everywhere hanging together were Annes with his father yanıstırdı at me I have it with ours tanıstırdık families of our loved us very nice and great friendships we have established. This English lady friends, very beyendi ogretmenimiz Sevtap Attraction is getting to me because Mihriban benm tavırlarıumı case and I was using was the same:) onugoruyordum myself.
classes were studying the same system but with separate issues, etc. .. 7. the class was over and the end of term report card gelmıstı time. gn report a day before the advance had english class we were chatting with ogretmenimiz karnenenizi everyone was asking how everyone got up and die sukadar beklıyorsunuz Olack weak they die well gelcek
mihribana came time to talk during a full Orhan die Mihriban onada asked one of the class I talked my teacher that is good for all of the courses are working together with adnan birbirleyle story that works with only two of konusmuyorlar said.
Mehriban cekimiyorsun replied telling die. avoid situations such as children see each other cekememzlik ogretmenimiz dusmeyın sizlerede you play it in your classes get better like you said they do not have a ayrıcalıgı
they said. karnenelerimiz mihribanla report came on the poor did not have a single class, only the first one died ıkımızdık school. I’m done with summer yet again evdekilerre three months I worked, I helped my classes over the summer are very nice everything was looking natural and Incentives Mihriban I did not call him. The first day of summer vacation was over, the school again as usual I was wearing clean clothes, my hair gel to use ozamanlar kestırdım scan and I know now for many yakısıklıydım. I came to school 8 The school residence is now one of the most büyüğü’dük class I did not sit on the floor Everyone fights fighting blood was boiling at the school was not finished but I was not one anyone bulasmazdım pro fights. class entered the first class new rehper ogretmenimiz came a female teacher name originally was a very nice ogretmendi and the new became a teacher in the first year was not know I’ve ever seen at first I to pity getting myself was afraid of what was happening to me gorunce heycanlanıyorum panic was doing. garip’di. Whatever lessons were still Mihriban weeks goes to school came a week after the course came and sat beside me. Getting more serious every day was the usual course of things had got out tenefüs lessons from the canteen at the end we took a fruit juice (peach), we sat down, and it gained the bank you so konusyorduk mihribandan hoslanmıslarmıs newcomers to the class. Come to us and said, Mehriban oturabilirmiyiz said no.), they were turned away. the day ended, we returned home the next day I was sick and did not go to school for the first time. Ogretmenimiz Sevtap class lady called the house, my father asked me out and at me, “Adnan did not come to school today for the first time we experienced this situation is no worse situation because we hope to know,” he said. My father, “No, just a little sick,” he said. 2 days of school did not go two days after the school geldigimde school newcomers me sex sex stared me I strangeness there die thought about but did not as usual ironed my pants and gömlegim necktie jacket I had.) Class went to I sat down to my Mihriban came near me and sat and tenefuste little talk he said okay I said. course begun Mathematics other sets in we were finished and tenefuse went to kantınden a fruit juice bought (peach) sat ıcerken begun to express “your gelmedigin days that newly arrived children come to me and you to me kotulediler said, and I doveceklermiş stuff said between one of the me exit the wanted stuff told “I asked you die nededin well of course I said no. I laughed because to me they seemed childish things. Mehriban “I’m by your side said residents fear the sarıoldı me,” What I’m afraid to die verdım money I have been here eight years, I saw my fight tebi do or die Did you ever hear I asked said no. Not because I was not scared to fight. People fight and fight because I said sozleriyle anlasamadıgından. I said anlasabilrim attachments. I’ve read so many books seklım speech duzgundu tatılerınde three books written especially for those years would have definitely finished. We went to class lessons came at the door stood within sınafa newcomers have entered the correct door yurudum bulasıyorlar and look at them I saw the normal fear, side steps, back to my first simple Mihriban teredutlü adnan said one way. I said, I’m afraid there. geldigimizde access door closed and we are looking at me looking at them. “Within the shot, let us go,” I laughed. They did not recognize me because I did not know me and sınıftakılerde sit right with anyone konusmazdım dusurs. As one who knew me knew I wanted to know mihribandı room. I said I’d help my family in summer. agricultural business with my family ugrasıyor said. Yes, I write things to help my family agırdı would put 20-pound bags of vegetables to remove them from my shoulder ozmzundan goturmek tasırdım body muscles gelistirmişti my age I was aware of this very gucluydum. I did not quarrel and fight because I knew that is not the solution. …. Cekilmiyorlardı said that residents still have the door again and his eyes staring at us gecirmiyorlardı them. In that moment the teacher came and we went in. We entered gorunce teacher. yerilerimize sat. lessons during the teachers’ lesson begins everyone in place ready to wait at the door no one gormıcem said … Course ended went to tenefuse 15 minutes was the tenefus was long so eat something bought mihribanla school ten bahcesine we went there we sat down and yemegımızı ate bo kids came two people against us sat one for me anneal was one that mihribandan hoslanmıs. yemegimizi ate copleri bucket threw me and laughed milk motherfucker like hitam in their nervous break my have, but still my voice cıkarmadım because the fight did not want to have continued all the words in my brain beats like a bullet had myself geöiyordum every promise, but not control myself to studying. Mihribanda me onada something that you die behind my donmedim even Mihriban arms entered and advance the right to walk now for. coward you stupid idiots such shameful things soylüyorlardı Mihriban looked at me as if I fear that the gosteriyormus be like. And Speaking to oldugunu thought about. He stopped me and my back Frozen. dedimki “friends fight I do not like comes out I’m someone who does not like to fight the problem anlasaLım speaking anyway. Sonucta people speaking speaking hayvalar the smell but smell but die a proverb is, “I said and smiled. These words after the insult to the civic that animal decision vermıslerdi fight cıkacagını sense I have. Until the last moment el kaldırmıyacaktım. One of them it close and mihribana asked him what do you look spiritless coward, but I look oylemiyim. hoslanıyorum I said. “adnan with Mihriban laughed and I said we are two years. whereas no such a thing but we just arkadastık. I would very chassis. sozleri Profile For them, this was enough to Mehriban and have scuffle began to tease me when I wanted to go to class Mihriban. But he said no go, but I said I do not want them gormeni but said no to anything I said then we’re sitting By the late I said. Onada she said no. they only stayed with her hands pushed against ıkıye kakala end of my nerves were not aware that I do not understand noktalıryla ugrasıyorsunuz kğfğr were on top. Age for a man of honor is honor. This was the most nervous and sensitive issues where I curse anyone for me, I etmezdimde ettırmedim. The most recent bunlarada word comes cıldırdım my eyes went dark suddenly, my hands my feet was empty one for the first time such oldum.ve at that moment to me I slapped myself came to my eyes pull away acılmaz fight started the scuffle going on all children to fight, even did not know. yumrugumu there gucumle shook full on me while his nose shot child down fell and fainted from nose blood came Dierk arkadısını that way gorunce was afraid and fled me to the place per child is kicking would seem kararmıstı soyledikleri the lyrics in my ears cınlıyordu that the lyrics to my mind geldikce more hard hitting and I shoe shoe I ozamanlar school ucluydu once pointed. I was still kicking my waist sarılmıs Mihriban motherfucker stop doing what you’re saying, but if I did not hear it all the school’s students gathered on the garden izliyorlarmıs us’m not aware that one took me by the arm and back iktirdi bian me. Mehriban hold me adnan stop what you’re dioyrdu myself to come to my face wash they held for me the teacher miş.cocugu place lifted I’ve been there your hand face down are I’m watching them, children half unconscious was in the situation really so bad was my own I was afraid I an I you so canimiyim did some sadistic bi situation was My body was purple purple nose broken arm kırılmıstı trace each attıgım bırakmıstı kick. Principal’s office went to the 8 yılldır this room ıkıncıkez enter was the first record, while my father went and there I see oturtmuslar motherfucker there crying child speak Include at me bought and is it vice Kemal Bey asks me adnan why do so, you son she said. “Teacher, I do something meant to them of me ustume Hearing Everything just kept swearing at me, I had not dedım.eyer vurmayacaktımda said they were swearing at me but I said no sevmedigim. cocukta doverim no teacher or something like that you said to us was swearing
came to us we did not do anything he said plate mix
Guys adnan these dogrumu die sordugu at Mihriban my teacher is no absolutely false soyla have their event adnan The MAC was like I was there said the children okadar a convincing lie soyluyorlarkı ınanmamak impossible not looked though. “Teacher, I have gone before you’ve been here before you mudur’umuz would know me editorial old our teachers knew class editorial arkadaslara sorun8 years, one problem I had you die “Kemal Bey eight years have not done already yapmıcan does not mean that she said kids at you say than you is not right she said” I dedimki “My soylediklerime gore I’m right” I said. Parents have gelcek said houses rang Dad’s 10 minutes was not met their parents also came. speech during the english teacher came Does the room. and sozleri like this is getting “Dear Teacher, I’m nine years at this school faculty gorevlisiyim and nine years here, student attributes in I’ve ever seen a fully student diyebilecegim only one adnan is. the last four years, and I would put it in my eyes it’s a lie over at me and said I wish the pro-dusunduruyordu dedittiriyordu die yet I wish I had, like him, I told my cocuklarımda. “My father turned and” gentleman really is a great oglunuz have full anlaıyla great yetiştirmissiniz “dedi.Babamın response:” I am her yetıstırmedım she herself raised me I endeavor never knew what to do if the room did the same, “she said,” and this incident happened I do not know, but surely my son arkdasındayım what if the right one is doing buından I’m sure, “he said. Father’s these words I enjoyed inside bi peace came. Ögrtemenimde me to the defense of water sozleri continued with” Dear mudur’um adnan to my sponsor, he said, “Manager:” That means you these kids lie You may also have soyla said. school I started the first day, such entries to be my father came and went to again, my father cıkıyorum and concurrent I explicitly my father in my head, oksadı well done as my child is good benzetmissin he said, and laughed:) at home, we went to my mother my father asks what happened to the school why do I cagırdılar die, my father something important no adnan bi motherfucker dovmus He said my mother chassis would cause what gibisinden ask questions when I do not know I did not ask, but to learn do not need to son what if the right is doing or english teacher adnan itself to the trenches would not have said we cogumuzu know what niin yapcakalrınıda know eh he said yes, my mother, then a problem he said no. I came to school the next day he had not come to school children. Third day on Friday was coming, she went to grade school children have come geldigimde while I was sitting in class looking at me girdigimde. I like anything to my olamamıs Mihriban pass came and sat next to me was the class students are newly arrived. he got up and stand next to my child to come to the right of residents Mihriban Adnan you were getting. I was pretty quiet anyway. During the next child came and sat down. I said hello to die salute aleyküm answered, “I’m sorry for that day’s söyledigim things I did wrong,” said an okay dedim.herhangi
Do you have something in health status, “I asked him die.” ‘ve said is not important to me. All I said good lessons. stood rather than sat down to talk after the mihribanda sıtedıgını told you something special tenefuste konusuruz OK I said. We are now sitting back and banks basldı Tenefus garden talk. adnan two years, and many secrets with you arkdasız paylastık I should have said yes, this is a good one you’re like me and I said, I said that was why such! “I’m afraid of that, but now dayanamıyacağım said soyleycegi me how could it be something to talk frankly, and I wondered while pressing kekiliyordu smells were like spells. “I am you, two years know and I charecter admire excellent one are you, like you, does not exist at this school also of me in school geldigim first year I okadar well acted that you too alıstım everywhere, but happy to hear you something to share every opportunity graded classes with you side by side in order to I worked side by side sitting in the classroom is where she first morning of school gelmedign saattlerinde geldimsen patients two days then I’m not a filler, “he’d chassis. “And remember what he told you two years, we adnanla coukları dovdugun day we are told, or two years, I am with you my all you sevdım paylastım you in two years, I said I stayed frozen in that moment. “And two years, but I did not have a word offer soylemiyordun bekledım. Every day the words of his mouth will only give you my heart my soul my ears vermıyorum. But you do not respond in any way.” he said. “Mihriban I have always my friend as I saw this and i never you another look at not that you’ve lived the feeling that you against me wondering law did not tonight yattıgımda you dusunmedim my mind gecirip oh I wish I did not say. you’re my always arkadasımdın then again it will be. I’m sorry I said Mehriban ağlıyarak class went cantasını got home and went to the worst I canm was bored but bilmiyorduki I already love someone I give him breaking my heart already a strange ‘and ten from me the news is not the know and for that punishment cekıyorum. Mehriban you do not know me.8. class at the end of the next event after the Mihriban me the itirfaı later I feel bad, but I was in love with the house falling in love with hen my mimkün someone without that person our class entered our guide ögretmenimiz original hanımdı.ama was far from how I should not know the days goes school closing would be the last year was my liseya baslıcaktım but how soylerdim my teacher I could fall in love with you the feelings in me of my days kararmıstı longer need this to blow the ship was the last time we had to make choices every high school would no longer tenefus 8 class bi student original instructor next to go and tercıhlerını they would guide teachers because they have help ederdı I calculated what day of me next gidecegimi and that day special I dressed private parfumi shook dıslerımı fırcaladım perfume I shook my nails sections my hair I washed my hair cektim ironed and clean sure I wear my shoes end up ettım sure. nıhayteınde prepared Been to school came tenefuste at me vagırttı and near gittim.kapıyı caldım Enter heard when I walked in but the chance yokmus that the content a teacher had more than say hello and I sat speak double teacher oooo hello adnan how you die asked fine tskkur Thank you nasılsınz die I asked them tskkur if they . They were both very loving little chat at me ettık recently spoke of the incident. l did not fight it so Mihriban editorial by professor asked you die on me, insulted the coach has no beat I said to him. In that moment we heard the ringing tone of the classroom teacher, and finally had to go with the original teachers were left alone. original teacher started to chat with you speak to him, but my teacher was like saying I did not use the word teacher kelmesini ıcımdekı feeling lost in a storm to storm, but he was scared. my age, but thoughts buyuktu kucuktu. gucluydu feelings ….Yes 8 they go to high school classes now for the first day I started high school I went to school my hair was long and a comfortable weight in my mind is jelly: =) ozamanlar oyledim cekiyordum cocuktuk but very beyeni. With long hair, because of my head was like wood. but the long-obvious is not therefore the teacher with the problem cıkmıodu so adept pimp school in front of me, my hair attitude you so Jole nor whether my hair stroked until it was just like my hair to the bottom of one introduction was such a painful to me. “Do not hurt my teacher” I did not listen, “It hurts my teacher anlamıyormusunuz” I said again, still did not understand. I’ve got his arm bitten die bagırdı God. Do you understand how painful something my teacher slapped oldgunu dedimde. Today the school’s first such act gunuydu I broke my spirits. Now, when his teacher seemed oldurecekmisim visual beating. physical education teacher and coach, adept dedigim We really Output class jobs are even worse if it was me, I takmıs him. Days geciyordu torment each other. aacılalı a month coming, and was a school girl arkdasım. girls girls go bad in school so dolasmazdım proper person did not know his daughter arkdasım oldugunu (hope) the other name is a beautiful girl ammavelakin.cok a beautiful girl in school so attached was the school cıkıslarında child dovmekten arms agrıyordu almost every day such was going a month CIV in around Boyle gone, and everyone learned the we are lovers. We would sit up no longer in school together. Mahir weeks I still had the physical education classes and teacher enters the classroom teacher at the same time it came to exam week instead of the religious teacher. bedeb training course and instructor beklıyorduk girls dressed men. karsısında girls, download them on the bench we were sitting on the bench. Mahir haze had met her next to the first before the dierleriyle talked and then my girlfriend in my Behind hugged wishes then the bench oturyordu girl listening exam Worked you die while asking hands goguslerine touched it gorunce crazy Frozen local bowls I’ve ever seen like the teacher on top of the costume that understand until you move, teacher’s on top yapıstırdım. o.cocugu fainted. Does the room after you’ve entered is ali k. .. was a teacher die
. He asked what happened to you how a teacher, draft hit you you school life complete I, etc. with the words me susturmya studying but my nerves I still yatısmamıstı Manager What you said does not matter, was hearing already and soon adept teacher came me gorunce me to attack Worked. Threats did not slam the koppardım etmedigim bğtğn school for everybody was listening to me Everybody gathered to watch us, they Manager-room corridor. Does your family cagırcam you’ve finished here, you, the education of school life bitrcem attırcam said. Suskunlugumu against directors broke now. You can take me from my teacher training this school bitirebilrisiniz my life but I’ll take your profit in your sub ikinizinde. If you are adept and visually where teachers know what yaptggını olabileceginiz even imagine what you two skilled instructors will be edemessiniz mission sinks, locked away in prison from abuse, child abuse, twill, creating what they hear on TV every day. erkekliginden be first off Hadim after their wives do, “I said. Mu is a surprise to listen to me and you nediyorsun said Boyle. Mahir teacher lies soyla Do you have guys hollow of it was saying. my teacher said to exorcise its okay to talk over you who kovulacagı arise said. Mu is the e Sir, you are me Thoroughly anladınızmı 17-year-old daughter harass was adept teacher I know said, and sacmalama such thing happens mentor to the libel to throw utanmıyormusun said. But my teacher said I wish the cagıralım said cagırttırdım wish then came what happened to my daughter die asked, is it helpful, but alone here soyleceklerin unfounded cıkarsa you burn it you know twill die asked. Mahir teacher from there is it, guys of course, lies soyla and’re gonna tell she mourning the slightest what they did not know they said. you or you buyukte what happened teacher olmusta what was said, you people olamamıssınız said Mu completes Wish you talk girl said my teacher adnan What about if the right she said I can not explain I’m ashamed he said. tell her I babn is a student considered you said is it. Hope told is it in their ears could not believe. another witness Is die asked subject instructor, my arkdaslarımda were there said they sees Hope’s arkdaslarıda there they sees I said. Call them up too said they arrived. and all of them individually asked. one by one, the room was and told made. all gorduklerini told. us at the door beklettı and at that time the police arrived adept pustunu receive are goturduler. imprisonment beklıyordum for him, but better known in the east had given so much after the event. such a system We now live nediyelim.

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